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Perfectly Primped J.Crew Models Reside in West Elm Universe

What do you get when you cross the girlish, layered, wind-swept, I-woke-up-looking-like-this, flannel-and-sequins-do-mix styling of J.Crew executive creative director Jenna Lyons with the organic-modern, my-bricks-must-be-exposed, eco-friendly-means-bamboo-table-runners, prints-can-mingle, colors-are-muted persuasions of West Elm SVP and creative director Alex Bates? Golly, heads are exploding just thinking about the possibilities, as if the word "chic" has adopted the resounding voice of James Earl Jones and is now doubling as a movie trailer voice-over. It's very clear that these models, whether they "spent the night getting shagged senseless" or not, were born to live in these rooms. Please welcome them into their new homes after the jump.

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