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Murderers Slept Here, Just Don't Tell Anyone

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With the new owners of the Amityville Horror House complaining about looky-loos and strangers knocking at their door, it seems unlikely that buyers would be clambering into crime-scene houses. Strange enough, though, 2010 has been a banner year for homicide-laden domiciles. Problem is, some buyers weren't told of the their homestead's murderous past. Let's just say that the three properties featured after the jump should help those Amityville folks keep things in perspective.

When Dorothea Puente murdered seven of her boarding house tenants and buried them in the backyard, she probably wasn't thinking about the detrimental impact that might have on the resale value of her Sacramento, Calif., home. But after her 1993 conviction, things didn't go so well for 1426 F Street, and it entered foreclosure last year. It wouldn't be outrageous to assume the bank had some trouble passing off this well-publicized murder locale, but buyers Barbara Holmes and Tom Williams (on stairs above) don't seem too worried: "We are going to make the most of it and if the paranormals want to come in and do their thing, bring it on."

Puente's isn't the only serial killer lair that found a new owner this year, but not everyone has a buyer quite so satisfied. In August, Anthony and Rita Bucklew moved their family into $525K home (above) near Denver. They first learned it was the former home of Scott Lee Kimball, who murdered five people on the property, from a neighbor who asked, "It doesn't bother you about what happened here?" Yikes! The family won't go near the so-called "back house" (above), where FBI agents tore out sections of bloody carpet. In case it isn't obvious, they're suing the broker.

The California home of famed-record-producer-turned-infamous-killer Phil Spector (above) hasn't yet been sold, but it's so hideous that it deserves mention. Murdering a female companion in the entryway to his shabby castle was the last in a series of bad decisions. Let's just say murder isn't the only crime Spector's guilty of—the photo gallery here proves exactly why. · Amityville Horror House Has New Owners Who Are Scared—Scared Of Noisy People [ZillowBlog]
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