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Ian Schrager Approved Every Gray-Beige Flooring Plank in NYC Pad

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[Photos by Todd Eberle]

Award-winning Swiss architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron apparently didn't cut the mustard for hotelier Ian Schrager, even though Schrager was the one who hired them to design his cast iron-sheathed residential building 40 Bond in downtown NYC. Even though the duo is "not exactly baroque designers," when Schrager decided to move into the 40 Bond penthouse, he called upon another architect, John Pawson, to try to get "close to my own true aesthetic." It's but one of many his many persnickety decisions profiled in the recent Vanity Fair tell-all, so it seems fair to say that the beauty of Schrager's Christian Liaigre-dressed interiors really is in the details:

· "I went to a minimalist architect, but I said, ‘I don’t want a minimal apartment.’”
· "Think sheets of extra-clear glass 12 feet 8 by 7 feet 4 dropped into place by cranes, not to mention a Brazilian-basalt hot tub."
· "His longtime in-house design guru for the hotels, Anda Andrei...helped him on an obsessive journey of matching walnut wood grains for walls and ceiling in the study and assuring that Venetian-plaster walls throughout were plumb and the perfect “non-color color” of cream."
· “I wanted a wide-plank gray-beige floor, and the second time we installed it I approved every plank."

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