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Madeleine Castaing Used Color Frequently, Frenchie Sparingly

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Two weeks out from the release of World of Madeleine Castaing, a new Rizzoli tome authored by Emily Evans Eerdmans, the Wall Street Journal takes a look at the work of French decorator Madeleine Castaing and the themes that pervaded her work. Things learned: very few of Castaing's go-to furnishings were French in origin (she tended toward English Regency, Gustavian and Swedish pieces), her use of color directly influenced the work of English decorator David Hicks, and she embraced the long-lost art of whimsy and not overthinking things—and inspired her successors to do the same. "I put it there," 20th-century American decorator Sister Parrish once said of a "worthless giltwood curtain finial atop a lovely antique clock in her entrance hall," "because I had it." A Castaing influence, indeed.

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