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HGTV Garden Revealed: Water Lilies, Edging Pebbles, More!

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On the day Curbed National launched, we messengered dollhouses to six preeminent shelter publications in a scheme dubbed Operation Dollhouse. Last week, we published the dollhouses of Arch Digest, Lonny, House Beautiful, Dwell, and Elle Decor. Here in, the project from HGTV, who decided to join in the fun, too, by creating a Lilliputian garden.

Yesterday, we previewed the garden that the team was hard at work finishing up and we're ready to unveil the verdant project in full today. "We had so much fun geeking out in miniature!" writes director of digital programming Kelley Walters, whose team was inspired by—appropriately—Inspired, a tome by landscaper extraordinaire and HGTV personality Jamie Durie. "We love his show, The Outdoor Room, and wanted to keep our design in the family. Plus, he's super-talented, gorgeous, and nice, to boot." To that effect, the team shrunk everything from tiny pillows to blankets, culling materials from hardware stores and, of course, their own yards. Cactus, water lilies, and leaves are rendered in mini; edging pebbles "are actually crushed bird seed," explains Walters. "Our goal was to provide a garden that would complement all the dollhouses—even the [Dwell] chicken coop—thus, the bird seed." As the Curbed National HQ's located smack in the heart of downtown NYC, a lush, totally Zen garden like this makes us really crave some green space of our own. Bravo!
The source of the HGTV team's inspiration:

And what they crafted in return:

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