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When Famous People Talk Decorating, What Do They Say?

That is the question. Have a look at the grid, above, and take a stab at who (of Nicky Hilton, Rob Lowe, Miley Cyrus, Tori Spelling, Maria Menounos, Ralph Lauren, Audrina Patridge, Haylie Duff, and Jamie-Lynn Sigler) has gone on the record of saying the following about their home:

1. "I wanted it to be very girlie and fashion-y, kind of like a boutique....The hot pinks—the blacks—we love color!"
2. "I wanted my bedroom to be very feminine and yet feel luxurious and almost royal. Sometimes paint colors can be too loud or stark."
3. "I'm inspired by the French countryside blended with Palm Springs resort chic."
4. "I want my dressing room to feel like you were inside a Tiffany gift box."
5. "I’ve always been drawn to a historic, East Coast American aesthetic."
6. "When I’m at home, I need to feel like I'm floating on a cloud."
7. "I love my bedroom because it's so cozy and I can build a fire."
8. "It's hard to pick a favorite room in my apartment, but I'd say if I had to pick one it would definitely be my closet."
9. "I only buy things that have some meaning to me. I don't put objects in my home just because they look cool."

1. Miley Cyrus:

2. Audrina Patridge:

3. Tori Spelling:

4. Haylie Duff:

5. Rob Lowe:

6. Ralph Lauren:

7. Mario Menounos:

8. Jamie-Lynn Sigler:

9. Nicky Hilton: