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The Great White North With That Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi

The Canadian city of Montreal, with its complex Anglo-French history, brings the feeling of a cosmopolitan European city to this side of the pond. The largely French-speaking populace has an eye for design usually reserved for the banks of the Seine, and it certainly shows in these seven properties on the market. If the Great White North was formerly a mystery, the house above sets the tone, en francais, of course, with six more following the jump.

Neighborhood: Old Port | Price: CAN$1,759,000 (above)

Neighborhood: Outremont | Price: CAN$2,850,000 (above)

Neighborhood: Verdun/Île-des-Sœurs | Price: CAN$2,600,000 (above)

Neighborhood: Old Montreal | Price: CAN$695,000 (above)

Neighborhood: Golden Square Mile | Price: CAN$850,000 (above)

Neighborhood: Old Montreal | Price: CAN$1,039,000 (above)

Neighborhood: Downtown | Price: CAN$539,000 (above)