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Martha Stewart's Sleepover: Manolos—Not Boys—Allowed

Yesterday, homemaking maven Martha Stewart asked her studio audience to dress in their softest, pinkest jammies for a televised PJ party inspired by Ella, the daughter of Martha Stewart Weddings editorial director Darcy Miller. Ella's 5. Anyway, guests were cosmetics company CEO Bobbi Brown and Dylan Lauren of NYC candy shop Dylan's Candy Bar. Along with a gaggle of Ella's "friends," the ladies talked about personalized pillowcases, makeup for teens, and sweet treats cut into shapes like moons and teddy bears. Noticeably absent was any mention of Truth Or Dare, Do, Dump, or Marry, and Would You Rather—laaaaaame sauce. Noticeably present? Nude-colored Manolo slingbacks, which Martha apparently wears to bed.
· Heading Up at Bon Appetit... Oops, Chloe... Martha's Pajama Game [WWD]