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Marimekko Officially Opens in Crate and Barrel

It's not quite the beginning of a beautiful friendship—as the two have been in cahoots for more than 40 years—but it's certainly the extension of one: today marks the public opening of the Marimekko store-in-store in the Crate and Barrel in SoHo, NYC. The Finnish textiles company has set up shop in a 1,775-square-foot crisp-white nook that offers everything from glassware and tabletop pieces to kids clothes, raw fabrics, pillows, and toiletry bags. This is the first Marimekko micro-store; Crate and Barrel founder and chairman Gordon Segal told the Curbed team that it'll likely serve as a "test lab" for future openings nationwide. And, joked the delightfully dapper Segal: it's a wonder these sprightly, vivid colors and patterns derive from a country with such little sunlight. Our sister site Racked NY offers the guts-and-glory tales of the opening party, as well as a technicolor photo gallery that's really somethin' to see.
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