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Horses, Dogs, Foxes, Deer, Chintz, and Poufs, Oh My!

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[Photos by Jeff Hirsch]

There's something to revere about the sort of old-school decorators who don't even have websites, who use Chippendale dining chairs for casual meals, and who layer antiques of all ages and origins with pieces from legendary Decoration & Design Building showrooms. Which is why we ever so regretfully nominate the formal NYC home of Dick Ridge and Ron Denault for this column. Take chintz, foxhunt motifs, riding crops, porcelain horses, '80s needlepoint poufs, antler ceiling fixtures, equestrian-themed wallpaper, portraits of dukes, and a collection of European artwork and—holy moly, the mind is blown already, and that's barely skimming the surface. "This [indicating the room and the objects within it] is not boring," says Ridge. To say the least.
· Dick Ridge and Rob Denault [NYSD Houses]