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Louis Vuitton Trades Speedy Bags For, Well, Rags

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Apparently the army look really is in this season, because the textile shown above is actually the winning project in a conceptual art competition that asked Parsons students to repurpose thousands of dollars worth of Louis Vuitton fabrics into blankets, to be judged by stylist Patricia Field, editor Nicole Phelps and the SVP of LV. Team "Time Travel" beat out five other four-person teams to score, appropriately, a trip to Paris. Cute—students in the big leagues. But this wasn't no friendly competition, either. "There were tantrums, there were makeups and breakups," said the dean of the school of fashion at Parsons. "There was blood. There's always blood." Hey, if nothing else, consider it a nice break from the endless sea of monogram bags.

· Parsons Students Win Trip to Paris in Louis Vuitton Competition [DNA info]