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Revealed: Op.Doll. Poll Results! Elle Decor On Top!

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Despite some rocky ballot stuffing that threatened the very existence of the Operation Dollhouse poll we ran last week, the numbers have been counted and recounted and we're thrilled to announce that Elle Decor is the crowd favorite, raking in 33.8 percent of the vote! Mini Noguchi tables and teeny Rietveld chairs? Yes, please!

We suspect editor in chief Michael Boodro, market editor Erin Swift, and their colleagues are hard at work scouting for the newest home furnishings and accessories at High Point Market Week, in North Carolina, so we've delayed delivering Momofuku Milk Bar goodies to their NYC office until later this week. For now, please join us in congratulating the ED team on their accomplishment; the sleepless nights and hard work—amid an office move, no less—more than paid off. But it was certainly a tight race and we feel all Op.Doll.participants deserve some major props—full poll results after the jump.

Poll results

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