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Curing a Philippe Starck Obsession With African Art, Plastic Toys

Photos by Suzanne DeChillo/The New York Times

And they say the American Dream is dead! Not so, argues the Times profile of Claude Grunitzky, a young entrepreneur who left the "drunks and prostitutes and late-night arguments" in one cracked-out nabe for a Philippe Starck-designed condo just a stone's throw from the New York Stock Exchange. Of course, there's no better way to celebrate upward mobility than by embracing brand names: "an Eames coffee table here, a Cindy Sherman print there, a signed Francis Bacon lithograph someplace else.," as well as a Starck bathroom sink, a Starck sofa, and a Starck dining table that expands to seat 16. Textiles, sculptures, and photos hailing from Grunitzky's native Togo, Africa (and elsewhere on the continent) keep the space from looking like a Design Within Reach store, as do the "horse-shaped piñatas adorned with orange crepe paper in the bedroom, the plastic Power Ranger figure in the dining area, and the red plastic baby with an oversized head near the terrace." Have a look through the photos above.

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