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Life Lessons Learned From the November Issue of House Beautiful

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The November edition of House Beautiful is the magazine's Ultimate Entertaining Issue, and it's full of what is fast shaping up to be new editor in chief Newell Turner's signature: unbelievably vivid photos, a wide breadth of aesthetic styles, yada yada yada. Included: a page on fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg's forthcoming tabletop line, a well-curated section on Greek Key rugs, and a four-page spread on 101 Party Do's & Don'ts, which aggregates entertaining advice from 101 big-name designers, shop owners, and lifestyle folk. We've pulled nine that happen to be general words of wisdom, sort of a set of rules to live by that breathes the warm 'n' fuzzies back into today's bleak print-media clime. Fingers crossed that the HB December issue will unlock the key to the fountain of youth and/or the meaning of life.

· House Beautiful [official site]