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Fairytale Fantasies Fulfilled in These Euro Palaces

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Enthralled in their youth by Disney's princes and princesses, starry-eyed Americans grow up to realize that sort of romance doesn't really exist stateside. For one, royalty is hard to come by, but the proper setting might be even more rare. Here are three historic properties—in Belgium, Italy, and England—where one can live out the fairytale fantasy (and then watch as said fantasy turns into a maintenance nightmare). That's just a teaser up top, find the full galleries after the jump.

Location: Limburg, Belgium (50 miles from Brussels) | Price: USD$8,400,000 (above)

Location: London, England | Price: USD$18,800,000 (above)

Location: Padova, Italy (28 miles from Venice) | Price: USD$15,700,000 (above)