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The Best Mixed-Use Building In Missouri, Period

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Location: Kansas City, Mo.
Price: $999,900
The Skinny: Mixed-use buildings are usually bottom-feeders when it comes to style, but this Kansas City gem draws on Art Deco and Prairie influences to integrate the ground-floor commercial space and pair of residential units in a symbiotic way. The interior is lined with heated concrete floors and features a breathtaking staircase with cantilevered steps. On the whole, it's a beautiful creation, but there are (as always) a few flaws. The pictured bathroom, with its odd-looking storage, is a bit of a miss. The "pop" walls of bold color are starting to feel a bit dated, and no more so than in such an otherwise thoroughly modern setting. The mixed-use nature of the building might turn off some buyers, but they'd be missing out on one of Kansas City's most versatile properties.
· Vivienda Moderna [Sarah Snodgrass R.E.]