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Pretty Beach House Lives Up To Its Name

On Australia's Bondi Peninsula, in the hills above aptly named Pretty Beach, this spectacular vacation property literally envelops a bit of the surrounding wildlife: a full-grown tree has been integrated into the decking of the main house. Available for rent on a nightly basis, this idyllic getaway offers pampering to the max. Gone are the televisions, replaced by fireplaces in each guest quarters. Accommodations are spit between three private couples pavilions, but guests convene at the main house to gorge on the included spirits and wine, as well as food by Sydney's master of Italian cuisine, Stefano Manfredi. Though that sounds a bit like a week at ClubMed, the surroundings ensure there's no confusion, and so does the price: from $1,600 per night per room. Shelling out that much for just one night in paradise! Why not buy? Because they're not selling.
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