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1970s Vinyl Flooring, Ugly Carpeting...Oh, and a Suicide

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Curbed's Horror Stories are firsthand reader reports about terrible design, decor, and real estate experiences past and present. Got a ghoulish tale of your own? Send it to

"After college, I took a job managing apartments, sight unseen, and moved into the one vacant unit with two friends. I could tolerate the 1970s vinyl floors and ugly brown carpet, but within a few weeks I'd discovered that the original owner of the building hadn't disclosed very much to the current owner. Anyone who doesn't believe in ghosts won't believe my detailed log of things that went missing and reappeared in strange places later, bizarre electrical problems, year-round cold spots, unexplained shadows, disembodied voices that sounded nothing like anyone living in or near the building, and appliances mysteriously unplugged in empty rooms, but I have multiple witnesses to all the weirdness. Within two months, I'd discovered that two of the apartment's original occupants had committed my living room. The idea of living with ghosts was, amazingly, far less scary than having things moved by unseen hands."