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World's "Most Expensive" Home a Total Sham, Apparently

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Boy oh boy, talk about a dupe with a capital "D": turns out the Indian residence that was previously considered to be the world's priciest is actually...not. The first evidence of trickery? The housewarming party is actually Nov. 28, not Oct. 28, as was publicized. But that's an honest mistake—one easily fixed by amending the Facebook invite—and other signs are far more concerning: "The home won’t have 600 servants as has been frequently reported for years"—what!!—"and the building isn’t worth billions...One report even suggested that the building may not actually be called Antilia." Don't worry, though, earlier reports of the "helipads, home theater, gym, gardens and pool" still hold true. Frankly, though, without those 600 servants we can't even be bothered. [WSJ, previously]