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Green Modern Upends Development Communities' Bad Rap

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Location: Dallas, Tex.
Price: $589,240
The Skinny: The Cube House, as this bunker-esqe creation is known, is part of Urban Reserve, a modern, sustainable "community" in Dallas. There's a bit of a secret to the design, which includes a dramatic veranda beneath the raw concrete cube. Though the listing photos are devoid of furniture, the interiors seem to reflect an understated style well suited to sustainable houses—besides, it's sort of nice to have a respite from stilted staging. Despite the open-air first floor, the 2,000-square-foot home manages to use just half the energy of a similarly sized home that's, well, normal. One kink in the armor: are those railroad tracks on the other side of the property line?
· The Cube House [Urban Reserve]