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New York Design Center Prez to Dress Like Newell Turner

At this very moment, the NYC design cognoscenti are perfecting their getups for the New York Design Center's annual Masquerade Ball benefitting HIV/AIDS org The Alpha Workshops, which so happens to take place on Wednesday night. And this ain't yo' mama's costume party, either—the unwritten rule is that guests must put their natural creative tendencies to good use by going all out. So what will NYDC president and event co-host Jim Druckman dress as? Why, House Beautiful editor in chief Newell Turner, of course. "House Beautiful has always been one of the founding supporters of this event and The Alpha Workshops," explains Druckman, who is having a mask made in Turner's likeness. "Unfortunately, a few members of the HB staff cannot attend the event this year—including Newell. I wanted to make sure all our generous sponsors were present at the event, even if it's in 'mask form.'" File under: genius. [CurbedWire]