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Two-Headed Monsters, Three-Headed Dogs, Firehouse Vandalism!

Earlier today, we shed light on the Halloween decorations recently spotted in Brooklyn Heights. Thus kicks off Annals of All Hallows' Decorating, a particularly relevant Curbed National feature in which we commemorate the countdown to Halloween by rounding up decor happenings in neighborhoods, small towns and cities across the country and publishing 'em all throughout the week. Got a local tale of your own? Send it along to the tip line.

GALENA, ILL.—A writer takes her kids to scout Halloween shops, where she finds a "display that had an eerie looking clown with blood all over its face. When you pressed the button its eyes turned red and another goblin baby popped out of its stomach. One was eating a foot, another was a two-headed monster. What is with all the troll-looking possessed paraphernalia?" [Grayslake Patch]
MONTGOMERY, ALA.—In an overview of local Halloween shops, a reporter finds that "some of the more popular costumes [the Spirit of Halloween Store has] in stock are MTV reality show Jersey Shore cast members, pop sensation Lady Gaga, Carver the Clown, Toy Story characters, Mario and Luigi, various insects and vintage cartoon character Popeye the sailor." [Alabama Live]

ERIE, PENN.—An AOL News crime reporter had a "pretty low-key" decorating strategy until a few years ago. Now: "Some of the other interesting projects this year include a ghastly three-headed dog—we used some old deer skulls we found in the woods along with some crazy plastic eyes—and the creepy-looking 8-foot Grim Reaper that stands over our lawn's 'cemetery.'" [AOL News]

CHERRY VALLEY, MASS.— Vandals destroyed the Halloween decorations that a group of firefighters had just finished putting up on the lawn of the Company 2 firehouse. "Some...were handmade years ago are irreplaceable and had sentimental value....There were 10 wooden tombstones with initials...along with a section of handmade fencing....A zombie in a casket was missing—save the legs, which appeared to be spewing hay from the waistband of a pair of jeans. A skeleton emerging from the ground was stomped flat, orange lights were torn apart and a spotlight was apparently kicked and broken." [News Telegram]

BUFFALO GROVE, ILL.—A Halloween-lover goes in search of a haunted house and comes up short. Still, "there are some residents here who are doing their part to fill that void...a resident who has rewired his home to accommodate all his electric décor, a family that is ready to distribute 90 pounds of candy to trick-or-treaters, and residents who put forth much effort to set up an elaborate display for just a day." [Buffalo Grove Patch]

CLAYTON TOWNSHIP, MICH.—A retired art teacher embraces the season by erecting nine festively bedecked mannequins on her front lawn. "One female mannequin wears a purple dress covered in sparkles, heels and an ugly Halloween mask. There are witches with black dresses, some with heels. A male mannequin wears a suit, hat and eye patch; a boy mannequin has on a ninja costume." [Chicago Tribune]

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