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The Biggest, Baddest, Dwelliest Quotes From Nov. Dwell

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The November issue of Dwell just landed in our mailbox—that great, monthly sledgehammer that shatters all notions of conventional living—and we got to thinking: what do people say, exactly, when they're interviewed by Dwell reporters? Some pretty Dwelly stuff, it turns out. This month, we're mixing things up by taking some of the magazine's best direct quotes completely out of context. You know, just for kicks. And for fun. And for giggles. In truth: even these bare soundbytes strengthen our admiration of our ballsy San Franciscan cousins and their utter fascination with modernism. Here goes:

· "We found a lot of space doing exploratory demolition."
· "They created space by getting rid of my box spring in the loft, building in a box spring that raises the ceiling height in the closet, and throwing my mattress on top."
· "But in this case, it's also a very natural expression, not unlike tree branches growing out of the trunk—enigmatic and elegant."
· "She got excited about having chickens as an extension of our garden."
· "The living roof helps keep the coop cool, but mostly it was a chance to experiment and design something fun."
· "For most of my time in Toronto, I've basically lived in my studio and storage space, surrounded by all my supplies and work."
· "I used this as my annex studio as first, so I spent a while in the space. I painted here, we shot a video here."
· "I've always been enamored of both Frank Gehry's and Rem Koolhaas's use of Douglas fir."
· "There's a metal shop here, an autobody shop there, but most of the time all you hear is birds."
· "He brought in this big model, and he set it down and said, 'This is what I've got.' It was just this simple square box. I said, 'Huh?'"
· "The clients wanted the flower shop and gallery on the first floor, and I thought it would be interesting to create a sense that the flowers were being displayed outside. I came up with the idea tof a tunnel-like structure, where the green of the playground would be captured on the street side."
· "It inspires me much more than an unchanging setting would."
· November issue [Dwell]