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Yacht Clubs Are So Pedestrian: Aquaminiums Foreva!

A totally new kind of housing has cropped up in Thailand, reports The Wall Street Journal this morning. Aquaminium, as it's called, is a luxury apartment building on the Royal Phuket Marina that provides indoor boat storage for residents of the two penthouses. (Other residents, it seems, have to slum it with the plebes by parking their boats at boring ol' docks.) The brainchild of Royal Phuket Marina chief exec. and developer Gulu Lavani, Aquaminium was inspired by James Bond and his constant need to escape from things by boat. But hey, this is just your average complex filled with just your average chief executives and tycoons (including one man who owes his fortune to his business replicating antiques): it's just your average "place where you can meet up with like-minded people," says Lavani.

· Would James Bond Live in an Aquaminium? [WSJ]