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St. Louis House Enters Flashdance Architectural Period

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Brooklyn-based artist Leeza Meksin is going to town on a historic brick house in St. Louis for House Coat, a site-specific installation that will be on display at the Southern Graphics Council International (SGCI) conference in spring. And oh, the poor dear—the house, not the artist, that is. Meksin has decided to clad the building with more than 800 yards of spandex—stretchy fabrics, she believes, recall “drag queens and super heroes.” If that seems a little, say, unneighborly, she has attempted to soften the blow by sensitively selecting "an oversized print—large gold chains on semi-transparent white field—to relate back to the building’s scale." All in all, the House Tour onion has many layers of meaning that beg to be peeled back; for instance, the color scheme is reminiscent of "hip hop and pop culture as a sign of wealth and fabulousness" and "the house, wrapped in gold chains, will flaunt itself to locals, while simultaneously finding itself bound and gagged by its own design." The magic will only happen if Meksin can raise $7,333—at present she's looking a bit short. Perhaps that's because the “corset-like fixtures in the back, weights, [and] leather" intended as part of the bespoke "garment" have sent all the wholesome midwestern townspeople running for the hills.

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