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Zombie Props, Thoroughly Freaky Barbies, Halloween Banned!

Annals of All Hallows' Decorating is a particularly relevant Curbed National feature in which we commemorate the countdown to Halloween by rounding up decor happenings in neighborhoods, small towns and cities across the country and publishing 'em all throughout the week. Got a local tale of your own? Send it along to the tip line.

STRATHAM, N.H.—Some 10 years ago, a couple who had recently moved to town from Massachusetts decided to use Halloween as a means to make friends, so they threw a party. The party, which grows each year, showcases the couple's decorating acumen. "All of the rooms on the first floor are filled with skeleton, mummy and zombie props....[there's] a wood box with a skeleton in the center....[they also use] black lights for a spooky affect at night." [Seacoast Online]

RICHMOND, VA.—"Teresa Todd, 42...welcomes the opportunity to shed her "acceptable" public image for a few weeks and let her imagination go wild. She adorns a tree in the front yard of her West End house with thoroughly freaky Barbie dolls that she turns into grotesque victims or terrifying femme fatales." []

BUFFALO, N.Y.—"A strong cold front crossing the area will bring high winds, rain, lightning and thunder. The wind could gust above 40 miles per hour. Aaron Mentkowski from weather lab said that 'those inflatable witches could be flying tonight'....and to make sure that 'if you're concerned about them to bring them inside...they will not survive the high winds expected tonight.'" []

SOUTH BEND, IND.—A person named Tina Young says: "I and the other half are going as the insurance couple. I am Flo from Progressive and he is Mayhem from Allstate (the guy w/pink headband jogging down street). We made them ourselves....Something different and hilarious." [South Bend Tribune]

UTICA, N.Y.—The public school system has banned all Halloween celebrations. "Administrators and School Boards in our area feel Halloween is a quasi-religious holiday and have stopped celebrating it—in much the same way schools nationwide have dispensed with Christmas and Hanukkah because of church-state debates." [Utica Examiner]

HAZELTON, PENN.—Last year, a couple saw 800 trick-or-treaters pass through their home. This year, the home is bedecked to attract the same, if not more, passersby. On the roof, "zombie babies crawled near a mangled body and a creepy clown and ghost were among the characters hanging from the eaves." [Standard Speaker]