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Waterfront Villa Gives Toll Brothers The Willies

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Have a nomination for a jaw-dropping listing that would make a mighty fine House of the Day? Get thee to the tipline and send us your suggestions. We'd love to see what you've got.

Location: Palm Beach, Fla.
Price: $42,500,000
The Skinny: The patrician enclave of Palm Beach sees so many seasonal Manhattanites that it might be more accurately referred to as "New York South." Prices are also of the big-city variety: a whopping $42.5M gets you a huge house on less than an acre. Sidled up next to the Intracoastal Waterway, this 13,000-square-foot giant certainly looks the Gilded Age part, but it was completed just two years ago. The listing's all hush-hush, but the photos reveal top-notch detailing, woodwork, and finishes. Well, that and seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a waterfront swimming pool, a deepwater dock, and wrought-iron gates, not to mention the MiracleGro-enhanced ivy on the rear facade. A showpiece for defenders of new construction, this is no McMansion, it's the real deal. The furniture is all a bit overstuffed, but with the head-spinning price tag, it doesn't hurt to include a few places perfect for cushioning your fall.
· South Ocean [Sotheby's]