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Angelic Original Detailing WOWs in Casanova's Opulent Abode

This 17th-century apartment might be located next door to the Venice haunt of philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, but matters of the heart—rather than the mind—rule Venice. Good thing this apartment is believed to be the home of legendary lothario Casanova—and no, not the failed Project Runway contestant. The idea that he conducted his torrid conquests surrounded by a chorus of angels is nothing if not appropriately naughty. Then again, those angels weren't crafted for the loftiest of purposes, but rather for the "glory of the Merati family" who built this canal-side palazzo. Sculpture aside, the apartment features Murano glass chandeliers, elaborate ceiling and wall frescos, and the same worn glamour that defines modern Venice. Ultimate wow factor: a nearly-identical Venetian sleeping alcove was so artistically revered that it was cut out and transported to New York in the early 20th century. It's now on permanent display at the Metropolitan Museum.

With detailing this authentic, knocking down walls to accomodate a modern lifestyle is a bit of a faux pas, which explains the assortment of rooms. There are three bedrooms and just one bathroom, but two dining rooms and two kitchens. A bit unconventional, but well worth it for the bachelor channelling unique antique inspirationt. Speaking of worth, how does one put a price on this much history? Simple. Don't. Price is on request.
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