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Architectural Digest Dollhouse: Change is a Comin'

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On the day Curbed National launched, we messengered dollhouses to six preeminent shelter publications in a scheme dubbed Operation Dollhouse. Publications had until the end of last week to decorate their dollhouses and share the results with us. So, who decided to play? All week long, we'll be revealing exactly that. Here goes.

When the name Margaret Russell popped up in the Curbed National Inbox on Thursday, along with an "Architectural Digest Dollhouse" email subject line, we apparently lost consciousness for a few minutes. Once recovered, we squealed in glee.

Of the six publications selected to participate in Operation Dollhouse, AD is arguably undergoing the heftiest changes, from Russell's new helm to her rapidly poached-and-plucked masthead to new NYC headquarters located some 3,000 miles east of the old L.A. office. Still, they found whatever time they could to merrily contribute to Op.Doll.—in a way that befits them best.

Rumor has it that Russell returns every email she receives, even if it takes her two months to do so, and the gracious note that accompanied the photos seemed fitting of this sort of decorum: "We’re happy to present the Architectural Digest dollhouse, which reflects our current state of transition," she wrote. "We were a bit too busy to properly take on your decorating project this week, but we can’t wait to see what everyone else has created." All this: and they managed to beat the deadline by nearly a full day.

Here's a quick refresher on what arrived at the Arch Digest offices:

Now, the details of Arch Digest's Operation Dollhouse submission:

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