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All the Cool Kids Are Doing It: Interning for Curbed National

Admit it: one month in and the novelty of going back to school is gone. Spice things up and give meaning to your "free days" with a Curbed National internship. Forget "dynamic self-starter" and "detail-oriented individual"—we're looking for fun, funny, brainy college-age folk with an interest in home decor, interior design and real estate, sharp-as-a-tack research skills, and a personality type that borders on obsessive (but in a healthy way). Duties include but are not limited to: stalking celebrities on Twitter, attending press previews, offering massive, hard-hitting research assistance, and scoping the web for eye candy, eye sores and all things in between. While the pay shall be zero dollars, the schedule shall be flexible and the clips potential shall be high. Plus, the glory shall be great—think of all fun you'll have digging up photos of errant "fall-inspired decor." Evil laugh. Interested? Send a note to and let us know why you're the gal/guy for the gig. No resumes, please—they're a real snooze.