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Lonny Dollhouse: Dorothy Draper With a Modern Twist

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On the day Curbed National launched, we messengered dollhouses to six preeminent shelter publications in a scheme dubbed Operation Dollhouse. Publications had until the end of last week to decorate their dollhouses and share the results with us. So, who decided to play? All week long, we'll be revealing exactly that. Here goes.

We knew we'd be getting a helluva dollhouse when Lonny co-founder and editor in chief Michelle Adams emailed last week with talk of a flea market trip that produced a tiny mug emblazoned with her first name. Besides, this crew is nothing if not prepared—remember when they excitedly took five from a photoshoot to meet the arrival of the dollhouse on NYC's Central Park South? They looked put together and every bit adorable, as if ready to face the day.

It was certainly a harbinger of stylish dollhouse decorating to come. From the entryway inspired by Dorothy Draper, with its striped wallpaper and reflective pendant ("Christmas ornament from the flea market!" writes Adams), to chairs lacquered white and covered with a miniature-scale fabric the team printed out, every bit of the Lonny project oozes modern glam.

In this cool, eclectic abode, a Slim Aarons photo hangs above a Lucite table, an iconic Knoll Barcelona bench sits beside a hand-painted Hollywood Regency cabinet, a Federal chair and Lucite lounger are happily paired off, and seagrass carpeting plays off a malachite-like bed upstairs. "I wanted the look to be modern but not specific to one time period," write Adams. Her favorite feature? The sunburst mirror above the fireplace. "It's a vintage earring from the flea market that I glued a mirror to!" she explains. Toss in a miniature Robert Longo artwork ("that I actually own in real life and adore"), a Marilyn Monroe book ("that I recently bought on eBay"), a beach-scene photo (that Lonny co-founder Patrick Cline scooped up on Capri), and Benjamin Moore Gray Cloud paint ("same color that we have here in our office!")—not to mention that personalized Lilliputian mug—and the backstory of this place really comes through. Just fabulous, dahling, just fabulous.

To recap, here's what arrived at the Lonny offices:

And here's what they produced in return:

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