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Martha on Oprah: Hand-Infused Vodka, Jail Disses, More!

If you missed yesterday's much anticipated Oprah Stewart on the Martha Winfrey Show bonanza, here's a recap: against a backdrop of a faux kitchen/pantry stocked with tabletop items from Martha's Macy's line and crafts supplies from Michael's, the giggly gals discussed easy, breezy topics such as Martha's time in the slammer. (Which, by the way, Martha described as "being in the wrong place at the wrong time.") Things learned: Martha's jail hobby was crafting ceramic nativity scenes, her jail job was waxing floors, and before jail she had never actually used a water-based rug cleaner—uh, what? Martha Stewart had never used a rug cleaner before? Anyway, then Martha straight-up accused Oprah of not more like Rosie Donnell, i.e. one of the "good visitors" and "wonderful people" who visited her in jail. Cut to Oprah's face:


Thankfully, Martha quickly eased the tension by medicating Oprah with a Bloody Mary, made, of course, with hand-infused vodka with hand-squeezed tomato juice:

'Twas Martha's valiant attempt to restore whatever dignity she could in a situation where Oprah was the clear-cut top dog from the start:

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