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A Ranch For the Not-So-Rough Rider

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Location: Santa Fe, N.M.
Price: $13,500,000
The Skinny: This equestrian-friendly compound leaves little to be desired. Built in 2007, it lacks only that worn, John Wayne look. In fact, the house and grounds are so pristine, it's surprising anyone ever lived here at all. Look at those perfectly arranged saddles in the tack room, the brilliant white shearling rug, and what can only be described as the Hibachi-style kitchen island. For all the luxury, this massive ranch house seems to be whispering fraud under its breath, and a quick glance at the acreage confirms those suspicions: just 11.64 acres. Not exactly the wide open west. While the riding ring makes for a casual trot, with the price pegged at $13.5M it should've been clear this wasn't a cattle driver's castle.
· 49 Rancho Escondido [Sotheby's]