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Dwell Dollhouse: Urban Infill Nanofarming

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On the day Curbed National launched, we messengered dollhouses to six preeminent shelter publications in a scheme dubbed Operation Dollhouse. Publications had until the end of last week to decorate their dollhouses and share the results with us. So, who decided to play? All week long, we'll be revealing exactly that. Here goes.

When Curbed SF editor Sally Kuchar arrived at the Dwell offices, dollhouse in hand, she was greeted by rather dapper senior editor Aaron Britt—and the discouraging news that editor in chief Sam Grawe was overseas. Harumph. Despite Britt's apologetic explanation about "things being a bit around here at the moment," Grawe has flown back to the coop and the Dwell dollhouse has been seen through to completion.

Speaking of coops—and things that fly—leave it to our lovably progressive San Franciscan friends to turn the whole of Operation Dollhouse into a statement on alternative agriculture. Baffled? Grawe's email needs no paraphrasing; after the jump, he narrates the utterly phenomenal tale of a rooster, an egg, and a miniature Eames chair.

Here's what Dwell received in their dollhouse bundle:

And now, what Grawe submitted to the Curbed National HQ:
"A stylish starter home:"

"A closely watched egg never hatches:"

"Easy access for the flightless:"

"Beautiful airy open floorplan offering maximum cross ventilation and solar radiation:"

"Insulated western elevation to minimize impact of urban streetscape:"

"Thoughtful cradle-to-cradle design, convenient access to local resources/shopping:"

"Massive curb appeal:"

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