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Swedish Vacation Homes Prove It's Not All IKEA Up There

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It seems Anglophiles are 10 pence a dozen: that ascot-wearing co-worker with the MG convertible and clothing labels you've never heard of. Francophiles, with their obsession with aged grape juice and the perfect steak frites, haven't proved hard to come by, either—same with Italophiles who insist on fresh-over-cooked pasta and burrata mozzarella only. But has anyone ever encountered a tried-and-true Swedophile—beyond the IKEA set, that is? In honor of Hem 2010, Sweden's largest public interior decor and design fair that's presently taking place in Stockholm, we've compiled the following examples of fine Scandinavian living. Enthusiasts can rest easy—all the homes after the jump are for sale.

Location: Värmdö (suburb of Stockholm)|Price: USD$5,850,000

Location: Stockholm | Price: USD$1,425,000

Location: Stockholm | Price: USD$413,000

Location: Stockholm | Price: USD$3,000,000

Location: Oscarshöjds (West Coast) | Price: USD$1,575,000

Location: Stockholm | Price: USD$1,100,000