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Roaring '20s Endure in a '70s Contemporary on Long Island

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Location: Westbury, N.Y.
Price: $7,700,000
The Skinny: At first glance, this seemed to be another case of Broker Fail, where some absentminded assistant culled photos from two different properties: a 1920s Gatsby-style estate and a '70s contemporary. The truth is stranger still. In 1977, architect Ulrich Franzen (who also designed NYC's comically titled Phillip Morris Research Center and Headquarters) decided that designing a new house from scratch was simply too much work. He salvaged a wood-paneled parlor and great hall from the site's demolished pre-war estate and incorporated them into a design full of glass bricks. Call it laziness, call it preservation, either way it's pretty damn weird—unless, that is, you're into the whole "old meets new" thing. For almost $8M, this house is going to have quite a time finding a buyer that doesn't want to start over.
· Copper Beech Hill [Sotheby's]