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Andrew Cuomo One Ups Paladino by Having Sandra Lee Decorate

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So, with T minus less than 24 hours 'til voting begins, how did the Halloween decor of New York's gubernatorial candidates measure up? Turns out—shocker!—that Andrew Cuomo, the better half of domestic doyenne Sandra Lee, blew Carl Paladino out of the water. Chez Cuomo, there were "bales of hay, a wooden wheelbarrow brimming with red mums, and 10 pumpkins, each about 5 to 15 pounds. Strands of orange-colored palms, interwoven with twigs and green leaves, hung from a lamppost and front door." And at the Paladino homestead, "the only adornment on the front porch was a neglected copy of the Sunday newspaper." Perhaps realizing that the New York Times would be studying her every move, Paladino's wife tried to implement damage control by "festooning" her pad with some plastic pumpkins. Major fail.

· On Halloween, Two Candidates and One Costume, of Sorts [NYT]