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Drag Queen Jackie Beat Nothing if Not the Queen of Subtlety

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Photos by Ricardo DeAratanha/Los Angeles Times

This weekend, the Los Angeles Times ventured inside the 1949 Los Angeles ranch of famed and flamboyant drag queen Jackie Beat, finding that it's "a mash-up of camp, Hollywood Regency, ethnic, modern and Gothic" and it's the sort of house that "throws on a wig and a gown 365 days a year." Interior details: a framed photo of the Golden Girls, a purple/blue open living/dining room, a yellow guest bedroom with an etagere used for holding wigs, and faux Pucci-print cushions and curtains in the TV room. There seems to be some other, more poignant issues going on here—Beat says she can relate to the TV show Hoarders, likening decorating to "comfort food that reminds me of my childhood"—but let's not get into all that. Instead, take a simple and decidedly un-psychological thumb-through of the extensive, eye-popping photogallery above.

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