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Exploring the Subterranean Refuge Called "Man Cave"

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Dark furnishings...low ceilings...flat-screen TVs...sports memorabilia...that's right, folks, we're lookin at real, live man caves. The subject of man caves takes front and center in one of today's Wall Street Journal articles, which explores the way women, too, use this formerly off-limits space. Turns out an increasing number of wives are decamping to this subterranean hideout to hang with their girlfriends, drink alcohol, and—gasp—quilt, raising the ever-poignant question: "When does a man cave stop being a man cave and become just a family room?" Full disclosure: we have no idea. Nor do we really care. What's more interesting is the sheer dedication that man cave decorators go to—balls-out, no-holds-barred interior overhauls. Gape at the photos above, which are all shots from the DIY Network's weekly Man Caves, and view a short video of the show's top 10—all themed, of course—after the jump.

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