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"Architect-Designed" Bunker Getaway in the Mad River Valley

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The real estate business is rife with misnomers. In a world where "cozy" has come to mean impossibly small and "custom-built" is a term used for cookie-cutter McMansions, the words "architect designed" are some of the scariest. Where those words are found, usually strange things follow. The Warren, Vt., vacation rental called Archie Bunker doesn't stray far from this plot. Designed by David Sellers, founder of his own offbeat local architecture firm, this home of poured concrete certainly has its highlights—the pool adjacent to the living room, some interesting custom furniture—but taken together it's all a bit like someone found a box of mismatched architectural elements and muddled them all together. Then again, it's also a pretty spectacular use of concrete. For $2,500 a week, experience the wonder without the eventual (inevitable) crumbling.
· Architect designed "Archy Bunker" [airbnb]