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Old-World Obsession Yields "Ancient" New Construction

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Location: Charlotte, N.C.
Price: $15,000,000
The Skinny: Large estates certainly aren't a rarity down in Dixie, home of the antebellum plantation house. The builders of this lake-side chateau, however, really took the pre-war thing to heart. This 12,000-square-foot Francophile masterpiece features 250-year-old pine flooring, antique hand-carved doors, French limestone walls, and something called "Biblical Stone" in the foyer. Can't get much more antebellum than that! The catch? All this old-timey detail was slapped together in 2009, and also features a Creston control system and backup generator to contrast with the "ancient craftsmanship." The interiors are by designer Barry Dixon, the man behind the plush new NYC showroom of legendary Venetian fabrics house Fortuny. True to Dixon's excellent work, the staging and photography are immaculate, but, in this day in age, there's something about plopping France in North Carolina that probably won't sit well with fans of authenticity.
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