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Frank Gehry Compound With a Philosophical Backstory

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Try and ignore the awkward staging and spare furnishings in the photos above, because what's shown is none other than Frank Gehry's Danziger Studio and Residence, the architect's first work to garner national media attention. As Curbed LA reports, the two-bedroom mixed-use home/work space is currently listed for $1.395M, a price that includes not only the physical structure, but a whole lot of metaphysical mumbo-jumbo. For instance, can one really put a price on the fact that this place represents Gehry's "moving from the world of traditional architecture to sculpture as architecture," words that appear in An Architectural Guide to Los Angeles? Presumably the listing text would be much more down to earth, but even that calls the house "an interpretation of a Cubist compound of distinctly separate live-work areas, yet eloquently enjoined by rising walls of stacked casement windowed towers and reflective light." Quiet! Still. Processing.

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