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Ornament Bigger Than Average American Costs Half Average Salary

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When the holiday season rolls around it's not uncommon to see neighbors engaged in dueling lights displays a la National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. To celebrate that exercise in restraint, today through November 15, decor-centric private-sale site One King's Lane is offering to anoint a lucky buyer king or queen of the block; that is, if they purchase this pair of oversize lawn ornaments. How, one might ask, could a single item end the neighborhood debate? Well for one, they're Jeff Koons-ian in scale, with the larger measuring eight feet around. Second, they're exclusive, and made by Design Solutions for such classic holiday destinations as Rockefeller Center. Third, they're plated in gold. Yes, gold. Lastly, they cost $20K, and according to OKL that's a generous 50 percent discount. Delivery of a 460-pound hunk of metal, not included.
· Set of 2 Gold-Leaf Lawn Ornaments [One King's Lane]