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This Poor Eames Chair Never Saw it Coming...

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Please welcome a new kind of furniture designer—or "ex-designer," as they say—to the dance floor: the freak. A group of them will gather in Berlin Germany, for "Freak Show," an exhibition organized by Wallpaper* magazine's editor at large Sophie Lovell. If you can't make it, today's Wallpaper* story lays out what you're missing in plain speak:

"Also confronting design expectations at the Helmrinderknecht gallery are young duo Sarah Kueng and Lovis Caputo (of Kueng Caputo), whose new, limited edition 'Dolce Vita' chair comprises two chairs sandwiched together, in a lively play on the nature of originality. Meanwhile, Mathieu Lehanneur explores the interfaces between the techno- and biospheres to discover new functional potentials with his one-off Berlin addition to his 'Age of the World' series of demographic jars. Equally challenging contributions come from the likes of Jerszy Seymour, Stuart Haygarth and Studio Makkink & Bey." In other words: the remains of that unsuspecting Eames chair, above, was created by someone who "threaten the status quo to constructive effect."

· 'Freak Show,' Berlin [Wallpaper*]