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Amazing and Marvelous Ad Adjacencies in the Dec. Arch Digest

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The decidedly celeb-less December issue of Architectural Digest bridges the reigns of editor emeritus Paige Rense Noland and incoming editor Margaret Russell, whose first issue comes out in January. No editor in chief means no editor's letter, which kind of feels like having no guidance, as if the parents have escaped to Palm Beach for the weekend and "are fine if you drink, so long as you do it in the house." We do look forward to witnessing how Russell's hand, honed on the swank shores of Elle Decor, will eventually affect Arch Digest; for now, we honed in on select spreads (or "adjacencies," in industry speak) of the current issue where an ad page and an edit page are side by side. Have a look at the most glorious pairings in the photogallery above.

· Architectural Digest [official site]