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Trophy Homes of a Young Brett Favre and Fellow Pigskin Princes

Photos: Steve Hulbert/Electronic House

With football season in full swing, it only seemed fitting to run down some of the best—weirdest, most expensive, self-promotional—homes of the gridiron gods. Dynastic golden boy and New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning leads the way, but don't miss more from Brady, Ochocinco, Palmer, and a spry, young, innocent Brett Favre after the jump.

Apparently Manhattan was too highfalutin for Manning, so he purchased a 3,000-square-foot condo across the Hudson River in Hoboken, N.J. (above). The views of the NYC skyline might be majestic, but li'l Manning is more interested in the goings-on inside and has the place decked out for reviewing game footage. So decked out, in fact, that Electronic House magazine stopped by to gawk at the motorized shades, A/V extravaganza, and hidden bar—all controlled via Crestron remotes. Over-the-top? Maybe not when Manning saved so much on the less-than-impressive address, and certainly not when his peers engage in far more extravagance.

While fellow star QB Eli kept things low-key in Hoboken, Patriots ace Tom Brady·and his supermodel wife Gisele Bündchen splashed out $20M to build this Brentwood, Calif. mega-mansion, $11M for the lot alone (above). With almost 22,000 square feet of living space, the home boasts a gym larger than the average American home. But with both winning their bread with their bodies, that sort of investment in home fitness might be warranted.

Cincinnati Bengals wide-reciever Chad Ochocinco might not have the instant star-power of a Brady, but he's sure trying to cultivate it. Born Chad Javon Johnson, he legally changed his last name to Ochocinco to reflect his favored number 85 ("ocho" plus "cinco"). In 2007, he bested a thoroughbred in a race for charity. The stunts apparently paid off, as the big 85 picked up his own reality show, VH1's Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch. The show, which filmed in this $12M Beverly Hill mansion (above), had the bachelor picking a mate from a group of—yes, you guessed it—85 eligible ladies. Sadly, 69 were eliminated on the first episode. Not that they couldn't all have squeezed into that enormous master bedroom.

Ochocinco's Begals teammate Carson Palmer, who won a Heisman Trophy at University of Southern California, was a "motivated seller" when it came to this four-bed, four-bath Laguna Beach property (above). While that euphemism usually applies to the cash-strapped, it apparently also applies to NFL quarterbacks with multi-million dollar contracts. Maybe all that Cali sun was too much of a tease for Palmer, who sold this distraction in 2009 for $2.37M.

And now for a real nostalgic gem. The venerable Brett Favre, currently embroiled in a a dick-pics sexual harassment scandal, once lived a much quieter life. In 1994, Idaho's News Channel 7 toured Favre's Green Bay home, and their reporter went a little hog wild on the buddy-buddy behavior: manhandling vases and seemingly leading the tour himself. The short video above features a young Favre struggling to work his TV—Disney's The Lion King comes on when he finally figures it out—and a buddy donning a "No Fear" hat. Yeah, it's '94, all right—a much simpler time indeed.
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