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Marvelous Tales of Squalor in America's Richest City

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On Friday, the New York Times Real Estate section published "The Price 20-Somethings Pay to Live in the City," an article that described the lengths modern youngsters go to in order to shack up in the Big Apple. When The Times's City Room blog implored readers to comment on their own apartment horror stories, a litany of comments ensued. We pulled the top five, along with one not-so-bad Basquiat bonus.

#5: Roommate Included

#4: Very Casual Living Situation

#3: "In my day, an apartment cost $2 a night!"

#2: Central Park, Hunter's Paradise

#1: The Case of the Lazy Landlady and Psychotic Super

BONUS: Are you sure this was your worst apartment?

...but then papa kicked him out and...

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