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Sarah Palin's House Has Elk Taxidermy, Bear Rug, Concrete Slab

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On last night's premiere of Sarah Palin's Alaska, a new miniseries on TLC, the politician and Fox News lackie went salmon fishing with her daughters, rock-climbed in Denali National park, and recorded a Fox News segment from the comforts of a tricked-out TV recording studio in her backyard. What was most fascinating was seeing the innards of Palin's home, a two-story concrete structure that happens to have zero basements, stunning taxidermy wall decor, a bear-carcass carpet (where the children do play), and a lakeside patio that Palin cheerfully refers to as her "concrete slab." All this, and the house is appraised for more than $500K. Click through the photogallery above.
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