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The Haiku Chronicles: What's Weirdest About Your Home, Vol. 2

'Bout two weeks ago, we announced that reader could enter to win the DwellStudio duvet set of their choice by hitting up our Facebook page and sending us haikus about their homes. We received a number of submissions and have sifted through the loft. Here now, the second batch of the nine finalists revealed—we'll give you the chance to vote for the winner tomorrow:

· Jimmy:
When the window broke
the rain soaked all the linens
we were scared sheetless

· Pat:
the roof was tall, but
dad never listens, thank god
that bush broke his fall

· Yassira:
Asian Art Ere'where
Chopsticks Buddah Dumplings too
Wait! I'm Mexican!

· Adam:
I don't know why birds
fly into my rear window
all the freakin time

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