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The Haiku Chronicles: What's Weirdest About Your Home, Vol. 1

'Bout two weeks ago, we announced that readers could enter to win the DwellStudio duvet set of their choice by hitting up our Facebook page and sending us haikus about their homes. We received a number of submissions and have sifted through the loft. Here now, the first batch of the nine finalists—we'll give you the chance to vote for the winner tomorrow:

· From Mollie:
blue denim duvet
outlet purchase, i am sure
are you zack morris?

· From Kimberly:
A large self portrait
himself as a nude woman
by Zero Mostel
· From Jeff:
'jersey shore' look out
ed hardy air fresheners
'Situation' solved

· From Leisha:
surrounds this little back house
thanks l. ron hubbard

· From Dana:
In my bedroom is
Ten gallons of bubbling brew
Who needs a boyfriend?

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